Value Boosting Renovations

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Home Improvement

Value boosting renovations are easily one of the most talked about subjects among homeowner as well as buyers. Adding value to your home is one of the biggest ways to not only protect your investment but to also provide a send of ride and ownership within your home. Unfortunately, not all renovations add value, and some can even decrease your value, so if you plan to sell your home down the line it is important to stick to renovations that will help boost your home's value and thus provide a better return to investment. 

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Lighting is often overlooked; however, a dark home will rarely see offers as high as a light and bright home. Due to this, investing in high quality lighting and adding additional light fixtures is always a good idea when it comes to increasing value. When installing fixtures, remember that simple is best and try not to go overboard with fancy or statements pieces as these are more taste specific. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

creating outdoor living spaces is a huge draw and this is especially true in warm climate areas. Homeowners love to spend time outdoors, whether entertaining, dining, etc. creating a great outdoor space is a great way to attract potential buyers and raise the sale price of your home. 

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Landscape/Curb Appeal

This is easily one of the most talked about ways to boost value. New landscaping, outdoor lighting and a self-watering system are the three best ways to boost your curb appeal and help raise the value of your home. 

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Another commonly known value boosting renovation includes kitchens and bathrooms. While this is true, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Try matching your countertops and backsplashes throughout the home, however, don't install super high-end appliances as they rarely get the return of investment you may hop for, instead stick with basic appliances that most people use day to day. 

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Whether you pick one renovation or decide to tackle them all, there is nothing better than knowing your hard work and elbow grease has paid off. As long as you do the work well and partner with a qualified seller's agent to market your home efficiently you can easily see a great return to investment when it comes time to sell your home. 

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