Best Kitchen Countertops of 2020

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Many homeowners have been out of work, working remotely, or simply forced to stay indoors more than normal, and due to this many home improvement projects have been completed. As with most home improvements, time is generally the key factor that puts them off, luckily for homeowners and even those looking to purchase a home, time has been widely available resulting in beautifully upgraded and renovated homes. Whether you are planning on purchasing a home, or are looking to upgrade your current home, these countertops have been rated the top 10 for 2020 and are what consumers are currently looking for.

#1 Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops are quite durable and don’t require a sealant like other popular countertop choices. Another advantage is that they are not porous, and you don’t run the risk of absorbing potential bacteria or staining.

#2 Marble Countertops

Due to being heat-resistant, and marble’s ability to remain cool even with warm air temperatures, it is a common choice for those who plan on baking often or live in hotter climates.

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#3 Concrete Countertops

If installed correctly, concrete countertops can be non-porous as well as stain and heat resistant. While this does require a sealant, they are widely popular and can have any color added to the concrete to create a unique design feature.

#4Travertine Countertops

Unique imperfections give off a soft and elegant design, mostly used in light airy kitchens. Travertine is highly durable and provides long wear without showing signs of use.

#5 Granite Countertops

If installed and sealed properly, granite can be both stain and bacteria resistant. Natural stone provides a beautiful aesthetic; however, corners can chip with wear and granite is generally an expensive choice.

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#6 Limestone Countertops

Heat resistant and ranging in color from beige to blue, Limestone is both a beautiful and affordable choice. Downsides are that there are limited colors/designs available.

#7 Onyx Countertops

Resembling the look of marble, Onyx provides a swirled stone look. The stone must be polished regularly to maintain its shine and is not scratch resistant, requiring maintenance often.

#8 Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone can be found in dark greens and blacks and is a heat resistant. Soapstone is also a soft stone which allows for less risk of cracking or breakage with wear.

#9 Porcelain Countertops

Resistant to heat and staining, porcelain is highly durable and is both scratch and UV resistant, perfect for highly functional countertops in high use kitchens.

#10 Slate Countertops

Nearly maintenance free, Slate provides a non-porous surface which prevents staining and allows for easy cleaning, however, there are limited colors and styles.

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