What to Know About a Home with a Tile Floor

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It is no secret that purchasing a home is an exciting and scary experience. Oftentimes the aesthetics of the home are something that catch our eye; however, it is also important to remember the upkeep that is involved when it comes to keeping things looking their best. This is especially true when it comes to tile flooring.

Tile is a very porous material, and while it may look beautiful upon initial installation, it is known for catching and trapping moisture and dirt which can result in a less than appealing look, especially if your tile is surrounding by grout. There are newer tile flooring options that mimic the look of hardwoods and tend to not have the thick grout outline, and while the material can still trap dirt, the lack of grout allows for your floors to look cleaner longer.

Should your tile have grout, that is when you want to ensure to take extra care when cleaning your floors to avoid them looking stained or dirty. The best way to help keep your tile floors looking their best is to use a steam mop weekly to try and help loosen and remove dirt and dust that has settled. Contrary to common belief, using a traditional mop and bucket can actually make your tile floors look dirtier as the tile is soaking in the dirty water that you are using to scrub with. Due to this it is important that you use a mop or cleaner that helps to suck up the grey water and removes it from the tile all together. A great option for this would be the Bissel Crosswave.

Additionally, sealing your grout is the best way to not only preserve your tile flooring, but to have it looking it’s best for years to come. When sealing grout, the tile and grout is deep cleaned and then a sealant is placed over the flooring. This sealant helps protect the grout and tile from soaking in any spills, dirt, dust, etc. and also helps the risk of mold or mildew from growing deep within the grout and tile.

It is recommended that you seal your tile flooring annually, however for floors with a lot of grout incorporated into the tile, high traffic areas should be sealed twice per year for best results. With the right care and cleaning tile floors can be a beautiful flooring, especially for homes within warmer climates such as Palm Springs as the tile often remains cooler than other flooring types.

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