Smart Kitchen Improvements to Make Before Selling

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The kitchen is a crucial area of the home for interested buyers. If you plan to get top dollar for your home, then sprucing up your kitchen in these ways could be a smart choice.

Here are some smart kitchen improvements to make before selling your home, that can help you get a top-dollar offer.

Refresh the cabinets

If the cabinets are looking tired or dated but are still in good shape, you don’t need to completely rip them out and replace them. All you may need is a few cans of paint and some brushes. Sometimes a quick facelift on the cabinets can go a long way to giving it a whole new refreshed and trendy look. Refinishing your existing cabinets will save a large amount of money compared to completely replacing them. But before you pick out that paint color, make sure you stick with neutrals to appeal to the widest set of buyers.

Consider upgrading the countertops

Today’s buyers are not into the super fussy upkeep of natural stone anymore, but they also do not want to see the cheapest laminate across the countertop either. If you are planning to splurge in one area of your kitchen, countertops would be it. Quartz is a great choice for solid surface countertops as they are low maintenance yet very sturdy and great for families that use the kitchen quite a bit

Change out the lighting

Changing the light fixtures can go a long way in updating a kitchen and it is a low-cost renovation that can be quite easy. Swap out old and dated fixtures for new ones that are classic and timeless, but still in line with current trends, to bring tons of appeal to your kitchen for a low cost.

Update the backsplash

Installing a brand new neutral and clean backsplash can bring several appeal points from buyers. Just the small space behind the countertop on the wall can make a huge impact and style difference in the kitchen. It can take a dated one into current times.

Consider a few premium touches

For many homebuyers quarantine turned the average home dinner preparer into a chef-like genius. Many home buyers that used their time at home to hone in on their cooking skills are looking for those tiny high-end touches in the kitchen. There’s a growing number of homebuyers today that consider themselves foodies and appreciate a well-thought-out kitchen. A few simple premium touches, like a wine fridge or a filtered water spout, maybe a pot filler, or one of those fancy ice makers really bring a large amount of appeal to a kitchen today.

Don’t forget about a serious deep clean

Nothing can turn off a personal showing of a kitchen faster than a dirty one. There’s a serious yuck factor that comes with old crusty food stains and a disorganized refrigerator. Even a dingy floorboard may not be noticed but will be felt in a home showing. Homeowners expect to see a home in the most immaculate of conditions in all areas especially in the kitchen and anything less is a bit of a turn-off. Not only is it off-putting to be in somebody else’s mess, especially right now, but a messy area makes a room feel dated and neglected. For more information on purchasing or selling a home in Palm Desert and surrounding areas please contact us anytime.

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