Why Lighting Is Crucial

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Good lighting is important in both the sale and purchase of a home for many different reasons. When purchasing or selling a home in an area that has a cooler/darker climate such as Washington, lighting becomes even more important than areas where you can rely on year-round sunshine to help brighten your home.

Brightens the Space

The most obvious reason to install good lighting is to simply brighten the space. By brightening the space, you can make your home feel fresher, cleaner, and more appealing to both yourself as well as guests and even potential buyers should you choose to sell.

Improves Visibility

Hate stubbing your toe or tripping over a pair of shoes in the hallway? Simply turn on the lights! It may seem simple; however, poor lighting can lead to more accidents around the house. Good lighting allows you to see more and can help reduce the chances of having mishaps or accidents around your home.

Open up the Home

While good lighting will help open up any space, this is especially true for smaller homes. You would be amazed at how much good light can open up a space and make is feel bigger than it truly is. If you have a smaller home, or an area in your room that feels small or cramped, try installing some new lights to help open up the space and ensure that every square foot is being highlighted and used to your advantage.


Outdated lights can be a huge eyesore for those who are searching for a new home. So, whether you are preparing to sell or are hunting for a new home, ensuring the home is equipped with modern lights will not only help your curb appeal and value, but will also make the home brighter as most newer fixtures are outfitted with bright LED lights that truly help illuminate the space within each room. While not all lighting will help boost the value of your home tremendously, should you be looking to sell, many buyers do indeed search for a home that provides good lighting, both from natural light and light fixtures throughout the home. Try not to go overboard and install statement piece lighting such as a grand chandelier as this won’t appeal to everyone, keep it simple and sleek, and of course, choose fixtures that provide the best light. For more information on Palm Desert real estate and preparing your Palm Springs home for sale.

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