Is Selling an Ugly Home Hopeless?

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Sometimes you can’t sell the house you want to sell. You have to sell the house you have. This can make many homeowners frustrated, stressed, upset, and feeling like the whole venture of selling their home is hopeless 

As bad as your home may seem to you it is probably not unsalable there is hope. Many homeowners see things in their home that need repair as huge eyesores that will never appeal to a buyer. Don’t assume the worst some things you see as a big deal the right buyer may not see as such an issue. Some of these things include an outdated home, flooring that is not desirable, no air-conditioning, the exterior of the home looks shabby, clutter everywhere, or tiny mold and mildew issues. Of course, buyers are going to wonder what is going on in the home but these are not as huge of problems that say cracked foundations, holes in the roof, water damage,or other major structural issues are to buyers.

Yes, there are a number of buyers today who are looking for homes that are in pristine and up-to-date condition in the right neighborhood. But that does not mean that you cannot find the right buyer who will want your home in the condition that it is in. So what do you do to show your home in its best light with minor cosmetic issues?

Focus on making the best parts of your home even better. Showcase be great parts of the home in their best light by keeping them clean and fresh so that buyers will keep most of their attention in these areas.

Be transparent about the issues. It’s OK to be upfront about what is going on in your home. A home buyer will be more willing to overlook issues when you are honest about them instead of trying to cover them up. When home sellers try to get past problems it makes the home buyer wonder what other major issues could be going on in the property. Clean the home up as much as possible. Maybe your home is in need of repair or updating, it is still cleanable. If you don’t have the money to hire a professional cleaning service there is still much you can do to improve the look of your home just by giving it a really good scrub down.

Remove furniture and clutter. This may seem to go without saying as we hear it all the time de-clutter the home to make it feel more spacious and be able to let buyers see what is actually in the room other than your belongings. Removing clutter drastically improves the look of a room without spending any money.

Do nothing at all and consider contacting a cash home buying agency. A cash home buyer will allow you to keep your home exactly as it is right now and still make you an offer. The offer will bring no obligation of acceptance and a quicker closing process than a traditional sale will not expecting you to do any repair.

Selling your Ugly home does not have to be a nightmare. You can sell your home just the way it stands right now in a shorter amount of time. For more information on selling your Ugly home in the Palm Desert real estate market, give me a call anytime.