The 3 “Don’ts” of Selling Your Home

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Selling your home is often one of the most stressful experiences of your life, however, if done properly, you can avoid a lot of the common stresses within the selling process. While there are tons of “do’s” when it is time to sell, there is also a large list of “don’ts” that are just as, if not more important to help you reach a successful and profitable sale. Here are 3 of the main and arguably most important “don’ts” when selling your home.

#1 Limit Tour Times

Oftentimes you will get last-minute requests to have a potential buyer tour your home. It is critical that you are flexible and able to allow as many tours as possible, even if that means stepping out at the last minute. The more flexible you are, the more showing you can accommodate. Then you could potentially receive more offers generating a bidding war or even a higher selling price.

#2 Have a Dirty House

Nobody wants to see a dirty home; this is especially true for potential buyers. While it is hard to keep your home in tip top shape at all times, especially for those with a family, it is vital that you do your best to keep your home tour ready at all times. This might mean more chores and more frequent cleanings throughout the day; however, it will help tremendously, and your home will render more appealing to possible buyers.

#3 Unpleasant Smells

If you’ve listed your house on the market, then now is not the time to try the new curry recipe you found. Smells that linger should be avoided at all costs as they could be off putting to some potential buyers. Try sticking to the basics, use an air freshener, bake cookies, sanitize, try to ensure that your home smells clean at all times and not like last night’s dinner.

In conclusion, the more flexible you are and the more you commit to the selling process, the more successful and stress-free you will be. Working with the right agent is crucial in selling your home successfully so be sure to do your due diligence and hire an agent who will work and assist you with every step along the way.

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