Cleaning Tips For a Successful Open House

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While open houses may not be as common as they once were, there are still those who are house hunting and attending open houses or scheduling tours just as they were last year. Aside from outdoor landscape, there are a few things that should receive extra attention inside your home to help your listing stand out from the rest.

The front door should always be clean and free from damage, dirt, fingerprints or debris. Try adding a fresh coat of paint, or if needed, replace the door. A dirty or broken door will allow those touring the home to have a bad first impression and unfortunately, can put a bad taste in their mouth before ever stepping foot inside. This can alter their opinion of the whole tour, regardless of the features and space inside.

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The baseboards are often a common area that is forgotten about when it comes to daily cleaning. Prior to any tours or open houses, it is important to give your baseboards a quick wipe down. This is especially important if you have white or light-colored baseboards as they will show dirt and smudges more easily. There’s a saying, “dirty floor, dirty store” or “dirty door, dirty store” and the same could be said for a home. Doors and floors are two easy ways to turn off a potential buyer so be sure they are looking their best prior to scheduling tours and open houses.

Just like with dirty baseboards, comes dirty floors. While it is common knowledge to give your floors a good sweep, vacuum or mop, unfortunately the corners or the space under furniture gets overlooked. Regardless of how well hidden you think the space may be, you want to ensure that corners especially, are free of cobwebs, dust, etc. Many mops and vacuums won’t reach corners well so you may need to put a little more effort into cleaning these spaces.

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Whether you choose to have your home staged or wish to continue living within the home during tours and open houses, it is important to try to remember to clean the “unseen” areas as well as the commonly used areas such as kitchen countertops and sinks. By cleaning the areas you may not personally notice, such as the baseboards, floor corners, and the front door, your home will provide an all-around cleaner and brighter appearance, helping potential buyers remember your home.

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