How to Keep the Desert Dust at Bay

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When living in the desert one of the main problems you face is not just the heat, but the dry dust that seems to find its way into your home. Due to the dry air as well as the dirt and rock landscaping there is more dust than in lower climate areas with heavy rainfall. Here are a few tips to help keep the desert dust out of your home.

#1 Air Purifiers – this is the best way to make sure that the air in your home is not only healthy but also dust free.

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#2 Eliminate Static – dust is attracted to the static electricity that builds up within a house, static builds more frequently due to the dry desert air, a simple way to eliminate static is by installing a humidifier.

#3 Doormats -doormats should be set out in front of every door leading into your home including garage doors. This will help capture dust from your shoes.

#4 Tile or Hardwoods – hard floors should be the go-to when living in the desert. Dust and dirt are more likely to settle into the carpeting.

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#5 Bedding – should be washed weekly. This helps avoid dust from settling into your mattresses or pillows.

#6 Closet Organization – Closet should be kept neat and tidy at all times. Additionally, if you have specific winter and summer garments, try bagging the off-season clothes to avoid them collecting dust while waiting to be worn.

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#7 Replace Air Filters – Pending on the filtration system you use, you will see recommendations for how frequently your air filters need to be changed, however, when living in the desert it is highly encouraged to change them more frequently than the normal recommendations, especially in the summer months.

#8 Wet Mop – Sweeping regularly may seem to help, however, by using a wet mop you will pick up and eliminate more dust than the traditional dry sweeper.

#9 Vacuum Regularly – If the carpet is unavoidable in your home, be sure to vacuum frequently. You should also vacuum your couch or chair cushions on a weekly basis.  

#10 Close the Windows – make sure to close your windows, this will help eliminate the ways dust can get into your home.

Luckily by dedicating a little bit of time each day you can get your home dust-free in no time. For more tips on desert living, or to find your next desert home, feel free to contact our office at any time.