Pros and Cons of Virtual/3D Tours

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In an age of social distancing virtual and 3D tours have become increasingly popular. If you would have asked a real estate agent 10 months ago how common sight unseen purchases were, the number would have been drastically lower than it is today. 3D tours have aided in hundreds of real estate sales and allowed both sellers and buyers to feel comfortable and confident in both their purchases as well as their sales. As with anything, there are pros and cons to using a 3D or virtual tour to purchase or sell a home.

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·         Saves Time: Whether you are the buyer or the seller a virtual tour saves you both valuable time. As the buyer you won’t have to drive to each listing and scheduled tour and as the seller you won’t have to leave the house each time a tour is scheduled.

·         Saves Money: This will also benefit both the buyer and seller. As the seller you often head to a Starbucks during a scheduled tour and sit and drink a $5 latte and maybe a $4 pastry. As the buyer, you are constantly driving to different properties to make your tour schedule, draining your gas tank and causing expensive fill ups.

·         Higher Traffic Volumes: Offering a virtual tour will cause higher traffic to your listing which could result in multiple offers.


·         Tech Savvy: While for some navigating through a virtual tour may be simple, for others, this is all new and they may grow frustrated trying to figure out the technology and thus end up forgoing the tour altogether.

·         No Personal Engagement: With virtual tours you are unable to speak to the selling agent or buying agent directly and face to face. Sometimes these face to face interactions are vital in a successful purchase or sale.

·         Neighborhoods: When purchasing a home using a virtual or 3D tour, you are unable to get a good feel for the neighborhood which could result in buyer’s remorse later down the line.

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Ultimately you have to decide if a virtual tour is the best option for you and your buying or selling needs. Regardless of if you decide to use a virtual or 3D tour to either list, promote, or purchase real estate, you should always have an experienced buyer’s or seller’s agent by your side to assist in all aspects of your purchase or sale.

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