5 Easy Tricks to Sell Your House During COVID

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While the global pandemic is still underway, the housing market hasn’t slowed. Real estate is still in high demand allowing sellers to sell their homes quickly, successfully and for a profit. While the general way of selling a home hasn’t changed too drastically, there are a few ways to help move your sale along a little faster during the effects of coronavirus. Prior to listing your home, make sure you hire a tech savvy real estate agent to assist in your sale, as many buyers are currently pre-viewing houses 100% online, some even purchasing homes site unseen.

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#1 Have Great Listing Photos

This is the first and most important step when it comes to selling your home. Nearly all buyers are now starting their searches online and only scheduling tours for homes they are fairly certain they are interested in placing an offer on. Due to this, highlighting your homes features, and capturing your homes beauty and functionality in your listing photos is key. Ensure that you hire a professional real estate photographer who has great reviews.

#2 Create a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours have become wildly popular in the last 6 months and more and more real estate agents are beginning to add this feature to their websites. In addition to great photos, having a 3D tour attached to your listing will allow potential buyers to “tour” your home without ever stepping through the front door. This is a great way to ensure that those who do set up an in-person tour already love the home and are serious about potentially moving forward with an offer.

#3 Provide Hand Sanitizer at Showings

Setting up a cute hand sanitizer station outside the front door or in the entry of your home will help put potential buyers at ease. It shows you are committed to helping them feel safe and dare I say, at home.

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#4 Make Sure Your House Smells Clean

While the normal rule of thumb is to bake cookies or have a fresh baked scent in the home, gears have shifted. Try finding a pleasant-smelling cleaning product to quickly wipe down counters prior to in person tours. You don’t want the smell of chemicals to be overpowering, citrus scents seem to be the most appealing just be sure to use cleaners lightly. The light lingering scent of cleaners will not only allow buyers to feel as if the home is spotless, but they will feel more at ease as they tour the home knowing you’ve taken precautions prior to their arrival.  

#5 Provide Booties

In addition to your hand sanitizing station, have booties or shoe covers available. This will not only help keep your home clean, but it will also give off the appearance of extra precautions when it comes to cleanliness and sanitization.

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For more information on ways to buy or sell real estate during COVID-19, or for any questions regarding real estate within Palm Springs and the surrounding areas, please feel free to contact our office at any time.