4 Things Your Real Estate Agent Needs

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We all know that selecting a real estate agent is the single most important thing when it comes to buying or selling a home. Choosing the wrong agent can cause you stress and ultimately could result in either missing out on purchasing your new home, or even losing the sale of your current one. Real estate agents are not hard to come by and it seems like everyone knows one, but do they know a good one? Every real estate agent should have 4 specific attributes/qualities and certifications they can offer to their potential clients, if they don’t have these, then it is highly recommended to keep searching.

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#1 References and Reviews

As with most services offered, you always want to check references and reviews, this is no different when it comes to a real estate agent. If your agent only highlights one review, it is likely they aren’t experienced, and while everyone has to start somewhere, it is recommended to work with someone who is experienced in both the buying and selling process. Remember they are working for you so feel free to ask for as many reviews or references as you’d like to!

#2 Personality

This may seem like a basic quality, but it’s of the utmost importance. You need to be able to mesh well with your agent and feel comfortable asking questions, discussing details, and working through the buying and/or selling process alongside them. If you can’t get along well with the agent, it is likely that the seller or buyer on the other end of the deal will have a hard time as well and this could result in losing the deal.

#3 Knowledge of the Area

Your cousin's sister's boyfriend's uncle may be a real estate agent a few towns away, however, using an agent that is knowledgeable within your area will allow for a smoother experience all around. Real estate agents maintaining knowledge of the current housing market, home values, local amenities, etc. will help aid you along your buying/selling journey. The exact home in one town may sell for significantly more or less than the same home only a few miles away or in the town next door, so in order to make sure you aren’t overpaying or accepting a low ball offer, your agent should be knowledgeable with the current markets.  

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#4 Large Networks

Your agent should have many contacts within the real estate world. This can include brokers, buyers/sellers, marketing avenues, loan officers, etc. Generally speaking, agents that have been in the real estate world longer will have more contacts, so by choosing a seasoned agent you have a better chance of also gaining the network that comes with them.

It’s been said before, but it reigns true, the best advice when choosing an agent is to always go with your gut. There is a perfect agent for everyone, the key is to find yours.

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