Why Seller’s Aren’t Having an Open House

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While Open House signs were once scattered on street corners promoting the sale of homes nearby, many sellers are starting to forego the traditionally open house when it comes time to sell their home. While there is certainly nothing wrong with an open house and it can be a great tool to bring in potential buyers, there are a few reasons why you aren’t seeing as many corners scattered with signs as we roll into 2021. 


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Online Listings 

The online market has exploded. The worldwide pandemic has driven a much larger amount of online traffic than in year prior, and thus, many buyers are doing a significant amount of online research when deciding on homes they wish to view and potentially place an offer on. While buyers may still set up a tour, private tours are proving to be preferred to the traditional Open House setting. 


Social Distancing 

It is no secret that social distancing and masks have become a part of our every day life. While some people have accepted the new practices and integrated it into their daily lives, other people are still hesitant to go around those that do now dwell within their households. Because of this, many sellers are choosing not to host an Open House but rather only schedule private showings so that everyone is comfortable and not risking touring the home with other interested buyers at the same time. 


Hot Market

While an Open House is indeed a great tool to use when selling a home, the Real Estate Market is so hot at the moment that many homes aren’t sitting for long before an offer is received. This could be one of the reasons that sellers are choosing to forego holding an Open House. While effective, with homes selling so fast they truly aren’t “needed” in most cases. 


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In conclusion, there is nothing negative about choosing to use every tool possible to help you reach a successful and profitable sale, however, it is important to discuss your options in depth with your agent so that you can decide which marketing methods would be the best suited for your area, home and timeline. 


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