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Today, flooring choices offer a vast array of textures, designs, patterns and materials.

Although covering rooms with carpeting throughout the home was popular not too many years ago, now natural or synthetic hardwood flooring is at the top of that list of choices for today’s homeowners.

Wider wooden planks in a matte finish have replaced glossy, narrow strips as the preference for a contemporary look in today’s hardwood products. Although the color gray has been the top choice for hardwood flooring for the past few years, blonde and more natural, warm finishes are making a comeback.

With modern manufacturing techniques, it is often difficult to discern whether the flooring is natural hardwood or created from synthetic materials or a combination of natural and synthetic. A realistic engineered hardwood, for example, has a core of polymer with a natural wood covering.  

A less costly option for creating the look of natural hardwood is laminate. Scratch-resistant and easy to maintain, it is a good option for rooms that will bear the brunt of activity from kids and pets.

To provide a contrast for wood flooring throughout a home, area rugs with vibrant patterns and colors can anchor seating areas in living and dining rooms or where beds are placed in bedrooms.

Other options for modern flooring are vinyl wooden planks and tiles which look more like natural products such as quartz or marble thanks to new manufacturing technology. Realistic vinyl is often a good choice when seeking a price that is less than what you would pay for other types of flooring.

If your flooring choice for a room includes carpeting rather than hardwood, there are numerous options.  Wool is the most expensive carpet material. Because it is natural, it often is preferred by those who want an environmentally friendly option. Alternatives to wool include carpeting manufactured from nylon and polyester.

Berber is a top trend for carpeting material. It can be made from a blend of wool and nylon or polyester blends.  Manufactured with loop construction, Berber is woven with a distinctive loop pile that attaches to the backing and remains uncut.  But unlike plain Berber of 20 years ago, today's versions have more texture and pattern.

 Popular for many years, “fluffy,” deep shag carpeting is now passé. Instead,  homeowners are choosing carpeting in neutral shades with a pile that is shorter and closer to the floor to give it clean lines and no “footprints” when you walk on it.  A pile option that has come on the scene includes strands that are various hues of the same color. The visual textures offered by this choice complement paint colors and are less likely to show dirt and spills.

From natural to eco-friendly, the plethora of flooring choices today can suit just about any buyer’s preference. But while manufacturers are constantly developing new products reflecting advances in technology, they remain cognizant that, above all, consumers want flooring that is practical, low-maintenance and easy on the budget.

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