Ways to Cut Down on Pool Cost

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If you’re currently searching for a new home with a pool, you may be wondering what is costs to keep it running smoothly and clean. There are many different factors that play a role in the cost of pool maintenance such as pool size depth, area, season and how often it is used, however, in general a pool with cost between $3,000-$5,000 annually. 

Within that cost is going to be things such as your pool maintenance, electricity, repairs, etc. This number can either increase or decrease drastically pending on if you plan to clean and service the pool yourself or hire a professional pool company to tend to your pool’s needs. While you will indeed have additional costs when choosing to purchase a home with a pool, there are a few ways that you can help decrease the amount you spend to keep your pool running.

Clean it Often 

You shouldn’t clean your pool too often with chemicals unless the balance is off, however, a good skimming net and a daily game of leaf fishing is a great way to keep your water clean, chemical usage low, and cost down. 

Get a Good Cover 

Covers are another easy way to save. A good cover will not only help keep your pool clean and free of debris, but it will also help trap heat in your pool which saves you on the electricity needed to heat the water. 

Don’t Overuse Water Features

While the sound of a waterfall may be enjoyable all night long, try to turn off any water features within the pool area when not in use. This will save a considerable amount of energy and in turn, money.

Check the Chemicals 

Checking the PH balance of your water often is vital to keeping your pool clean. Not only will this ensure your pool is at its best, but by doing so you are avoiding costly cleaning fees that could accrue by the balance getting thrown off for too long without being corrected.  

Turn Down the Heat

Quite simply the easiest way to save money is to turn the heat down a few degrees. While we dream of a nice warm bath water pool, try to embrace the refreshing cool water when enjoying your swim.

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