4 Reasons to Love Original Hardwood Floors

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For many homeowners, finding original hardwood floors is like striking gold. With hardwood floors available for purchase, oftentimes people are left wondering why original hardwood floors are so much better than those you can purchase from the hardware store. Ultimately, when it comes to preferring original hardwood floors over new flooring it comes down to preference, however, the list of pros in regard to original flooring is quite long. While there are many different reasons behind why original floors are so coveted and sought-after, these are the 4 main reasons homeowners love both finding and restoring original hardwood flooring. 

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#1 Durability 

There’s a saying, “they sure don’t make them like they used to.” This is exactly the case in regard to hardwood flooring. Original wood floors are nearly always more durable than the newer flooring that can be purchased at the hardware store which is a huge reason homeowner’s love original flooring so much. Durability means longevity, which ensures that you won’t have to replace your flooring multiple times throughout homeownership. 

#2 Home Value

Hardwood floors are value boosting flooring and thus, whether original or new, hardwood floors can boost your homes value by up to 3-5% pending on the condition and care of the floors. 

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#3 Expense

Installing new flooring is far more expensive than refinishing original flooring and thus, many homeowners love the savings that are associated with restoring original flooring instead of installing new flooring. 

#4 History

For history buffs or those who love a little bit of rustic character, original hardwood flooring can be a great way to highlight the history within your home. Whether it be from the finish, the wear and tear within certain areas, patterns, etc. the floor can tell a great story. 

Whether you purchase a home that has beautiful original floors throughout, or you strike original hardwoods upon a renovation, it can be a great asset within your home. While adding new hardwood flooring does still boost your value and often appeal to potential buyers down the line, original floors have remained a coveted feature within homes for decades. 

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