The Most Important Things to Fix Before Selling

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You've decided to sell. You've probably talked to a real estate agent or done a little bit of homework about how to stage and prepare your home for sale.You also probably want to know what are the most important things to fix or repair before listing. While talking to real estate agents, friends and close relatives about some of the biggest eyesores or blind spots in your home is a great idea there are some basics you should know that by you for when touring your home. There are some of the most important things to fix or repair before listing your house.

#1. Exterior and interior paint.

If you have peeling walls, holes in the wall, patches that have never been properly repaired or peeling paint on your siding and trim, it's time to repair all of these items before listing. Buyers do not want a laundry list of items that they need to take care of as soon as they move in. If you're unsure of what to fix have a trusted friend look over your entire house pointing out items and making notes and putting Post-it notes on places on the wall, door frames, doors and windows that need to be replaced, repainted or repaired.

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#2. Outdated kitchens.

Buyers know that the kitchen is the most expensive place in the home to fix up or update and they certainly don't want to be putting in tens of thousands of dollars of updated appliances, lighting, cabinetry, counters and floors if they can buy a home that is already complete. It may be time to put a little bit of money into the kitchen and make it stand out as a modern, entertainment place.

#3. Outdated bathrooms.

Just under the kitchen would be the bathroom. Of course, you want to clean the bathroom and even if you have an outdated bathroom just a few touches can bring it into the 21st century. Consider new hardware, painting the cabinetry or just new lighting, which can really make a big difference. You want this to be a bright, open, and fresh space so above all, make sure it's clean and smells clean at all times.

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#4. Proper functionality.

Simply go through your home and make sure that everything works as it should. Make sure that sliding doors and windows slide easily on their tracks and that they are clean and well operational. Make sure that all faucets, appliances, closet doors, doorknobs, handles, light fixtures, light switches and plug-ins all work properly.

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#5. Door frames.

I think door frames are one of the biggest items that homeowners and sellers neglect. Perhaps they had a dog that is completely destroyed the doorjamb but they've gone out that door 10 times a day and are completely blind to the ragged doorjamb or cracked doorframe. Look over every single doorframe, door, doorknob, lock and sliding door in your entire house and make sure everything is exactly as it should be. These items will stand out like a sore thumb to potential buyers.

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These are just a few simple items that are the most common details many homebuyers neglect. For your specific home in Palm Desert, Palm Springs or surrounding neighborhoods contact my office today. I'd be happy to go through your home with a free consultation discussing options, pricing and how quickly your home could sell.