Master Bathroom, Single or Double Headed Shower?

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Bathrooms and Kitchens are the two places that generally attract the most interest from buyers. Likewise, both bathrooms and kitchens are two of the areas within a home that generally see the most renovations and home improvements, as these are two areas that draw high attention and can boost a home’s value. 


Among the color of the countertops, the style of the vanity, and the number of tiles used in a backsplash, the actual shower is an area that many buyers pay extra attention to. With so many different styles and sizes of showers out there, it is important to understand the pros and cons to all the options so that whether you plan to sell, or you are in the market for a new home, you know exactly what to either highlight or search for. 


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Double Shower heads were all the rage ten years ago and were considered one of the more luxurious features to have within a home, however, while some people may still find the extra shower head appealing, many others don’t feel the same. While there are a few positives to the feature, two of the main cons that buyers tend to see include running out of hot water twice as fast, meaning no more long steamy showers to relax and unwind, as well as lacking water conservation. 


With water conservation and eco-friendly appliances being all the rage, unfortunately the double headed shower as well as jet showers are not as luxurious and coveted as they once were. This is especially true in areas where water conservation is highly encouraged or areas where drought is frequent, much like the Palm Desert area. 


Luckily, even if you decide to purchase a home that has multiple shower heads, but you still want to be conservative, there are many different options to help limit your usage, ranging from a more efficient water heating system, water recycling, and simply replacing your shower heads with a more conservative option. 


While they may not be as common or desirable in today’s market, master bathrooms do still feature the larger double showers and there isn’t necessarily anything “wrong” with them, so try not to base your whole purchase off of just the master bathroom. Bathrooms and kitchens see the most home renovations within homes, and thus, you can easily alter, upgrade and change your bathrooms to be exactly how you’d like.   


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