Being More Productive in Your Home Office

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As of late it seems more and more people are currently working remotely, many of which will be switched to either part time or full-time remote work for the foreseeable future. As we switch gears from waking up and heading to the office, to grabbing a cup of coffee and walking to our desk, there are a few ways to help boost productivity and ensure you are just as, if not more productive at home than you were in your normal office space.

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Music is an easy way to relax and let your focus aim towards your work without your mind wandering to the television show or noises that are in the background. When it is time to clock in, make sure that all extra noises or distractions are turned off and when putting on some music, always try to find instrumental music that has no lyrics. Oftentimes the lyrics of a song can cause your mind to wander or in some cases, you may accidentally start typing out the lyrics in a report without realizing it.

Lighting also plays a vital role in your productivity. Try setting up your work space in a place that receives a lot of natural light but also avoids direct sunlight from hitting your computer screen as this could cause a glare or make documents difficult to read. Natural light is proven to be soothing and helps keep your stress levels low allowing you to be more productive and stress free.

The equipment you use will either help you excel or cause you to faulter. If you do a lot of typing make sure to invest in a keyboard that puts less strain on your wrists such as an Ergonomic Keyboard. If your wrists are stiff, sore or aching, this can slow you down, or cause more errors throughout the day that in turn will be decreasing your productivity. Find what works best for you and spend the extra few bucks to ensure you are not only being productive, but protecting your joints as well.  

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As with any remote position, your attitude is the one thing that will affect your productivity the most. A poor attitude can oftentimes be reflected into the work you are completing each day. Try staying positive and enjoy the extra time you get to spend at home making sure that each day you find something to be thankful for. The best thing you can do to boost your productivity is to simply be happy. If you’re happiest when you’re outdoors, then spend your lunch break eating outside or taking a walk around the block, likewise, if unplugging is what re-charges you, pop on your favorite show while you take a break. Regardless of what makes you happy, find a way to incorporate it into your every day life.

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