6 Luxury Tech Features Home Buyers Want

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In any home purchase, the buyer will nearly always have a list of “must-haves” or a wish list of specific items and features they are looking for when it comes to their purchase. While everyone is slightly different and what one person may want, another may dislike, there are a few desires that seem to be the most commonly requested when it comes to purchasing luxury real estate. Living in the 21st century nearly everything has been digitized, the internet is a must wherever you go, and luxury homes need to be equipped with the best and most up to date Tech out there.

Top of the line home technology is one of the first things that most buyers look for when it comes to purchasing luxury real estate. With outdated tech, the home itself seems out of date regardless of other incredible features such as location, size, and even views.

Home Security -

Having a good home security system in place is a huge deal-breaker when it comes to purchasing a home, not only will you want to have access to video outside of your home, ensuring you have video monitoring available inside as well is a huge plus.

Smart Kitchen Appliances -

From a smart fridge that maintains inventory and freshness of the food inside to wine coolers that can pair the perfect bottle with your meal, ensuring that your kitchen is up to date with the best appliances is a must.

Heating and Cooling -

Automated heating and cooling thermostats can be controlled by voice, touch, and even remote access ensuring your home is always the perfect temperature.

Lighting -

Smart lighting technology not only allows you to remotely control your lights, but your lights can adjust based on the occupancy of guests in your home as well as the amount of daylight that is detected, this allows for your home to be perfectly lit at any time of day.

Cooling/Heated Flooring -

Imagine stepping out of the shower onto a warm tile floor, or stepping in the front door from 90-degree heat to be welcomed by cool tile beneath your feet, both of these sceneries are a part of everyday life when your home is equipped with a temperature-controlled flooring system. Many systems allow for remote access as well as scheduled settings so you can be sure your floors are the perfect temperature when returning home or waking up in the morning.

Water Efficient -

Buyers are wanting more and more efficient homes and when it comes to water there is no exception. In addition to choosing efficient sink faucets, you can also find water-efficient showerheads that have more than 10 different water settings, some even have a steam setting, all while limiting the amount of water that is used, without even realizing it.

When purchasing a home, especially a luxury home, ensure that it is up to date with all the bells and whistles prior to closing, these can get rather costly to install yourself and can oftentimes require a complete electrical upgrade to support all the new systems you will be running. With home tech on the rise, all that's left is to enjoy your new smart home.

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