7 Value-Boosting External Upgrades to Do Now

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If you're like most of us, you feel trapped inside for far too long but if you're planning on selling your home this summer or fall there are some things you can be doing to prepare for homebuyers. You want to get the very most profit from the sale of your home so appealing to today's buyers of a cleaning up the home, and performing a few updates might be necessary. Here are seven value-boosting upgrades to do now.

Pressure wash.

Now is a great time to pressure wash fences, patios, walkways, and anything that really could use a good cleaning. You'll want to wash your windows, potentially stain or repaint fences, and clear out driveways and rock paths of any debris, grime, and weeds.

Check the landscaping.

Now is a great time to start prepping your yard for fantastic curb appeal when you do list. A well manicured lawn with fresh mulch, pruned trees and shrubs, will be the talk of the neighborhood and will definitely impress any drive-by homebuyers. If you need to take out some trees or bushes that have been overgrown, add back in smaller bushes surrounded by mulch that will add charm and a finished look to the front of your house. Mow the yard, edge and trim the lawn, and make sure there are no bushes, trees, or plants touching the siding of the house.

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Check your roof.

As you get closer to listing your home, you want to make sure your roof is in good condition. Checking it now means you won't have to wait in line to replace the roof or repair the roof if need be.

Check and clean out eaves and downspouts.

Leaves, wasps nests, birds nests, cobwebs, and grime can collect in your downspouts and ease, especially if it hasn't rained in a while. Now is a great time to get these areas clean.

Clean the outside of the house.

Soap and water can go a long way in cleaning off dust, dirt, and grime that has collected on wood, vinyl, metal, stucco, and brick siding. If you can't spray it off with a pressure washer, scrub it off with a solution of half a cup of trisodium phosphate available at most hardware stores dissolved in 1 gallon of water.

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Consider painting.

Having an entire house painted can be quite an ordeal but you can cut corners by painting the trim and/or the front door. A fresh coat of paint on the trim and the front door will make it pop. You might consider changing the color of your front door to a contrasting color of the house so it really stands out without being annoying.

Ask about any rules and regulations with your HOA.

If you live in a homeowners association there may be rules for selling your house or doing specific work. The last thing you need are any additional fines or obstacles in your way.

For more information on preparing your Palm Desert area home for sale contact our office today. We are still buying and selling and there are great ways to appeal to today's Palm Desert buyers.