10 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

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Home Improvement

Investing in your home is one of the most important decisions you can make this year, so we have prepared great tips for you to consider whether you are considering selling your investment property now or in the future. It entails simple home renovation jobs, ranging from replacing your appliances to revamping your garden. These tips do not necessarily need you to spend a fortune to make your home more desirable but will dramatically enhance its worth. Here are what you should consider.

1. Spruce it with fresh paint

A fresh paint coat will make the old-looking interior and exteriors appear fresh and new. However, it is sometimes a challenge to decide which paint to choose. The rule of thumb is that the higher the sheen, the higher the shine. It is always essential to choose the best paint color when remodeling. You ought to remember that color affects us in several ways, both consciously and subconsciously. Therefore, the best way to come up with a good color is to narrow down your paint color choice then develop your color palette.

2. Upgrade exterior door

Your home front entry is always the focal point of a curb appeal. If you have an old front door, it is always advisable to replace it. You can choose to install a custom wood door instead of an old door. The main reason why your home exterior door should be appealing is that it reflects the home interior and reflects your style.

3. Update your kitchen look

From major facelifts to entire redesigns, kitchen remodeling is the key to creating the kitchen you have always wanted. Whether you have had an out-of-date, obsolete kitchen for a long time or you are ready to upgrade to the most recent and most essential in kitchen development, now is a perfect moment to rethink, replicate, and rejuvenate your kitchen.

4. Stage your home

The use of home-staging techniques can significantly raise the value of your property. This does not imply that you go crazy and spend a fortune on projects solely to increase the value of your property. Instead, if you know you will love the modifications you make to your home, even if they do not increase the value of your home, it is still a step ahead.

5. Clean and declutter

When it comes to clutter, there are two key issues to consider. One is that it draws attention away from the features of your home. The other is that it gives the impression that the house is small. Now is the time to pack up and store the items you do not regularly use, like seasoned clothes and papers. Dispose of toys that are no longer of any importance.

6. Remodel the bathroom

A bathtub can significantly boost the marketing of your home and, as a result, increase the selling price. It may take longer to sell your home without a bathtub, and it may affect how much buyers are willing to pay. This is because young kids need bathing, and many first-time homeowners want to establish a family-friendly setting. If a young family is considering purchasing a three-bedroom semi-detached home, the lack of a bathtub is likely to deter them.

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7. Flooring

Nobody likes to live in a house with a dusty, discolored carpet, mainly if it was caused by someone else. Linoleum, for example, is an unpleasant option. Hardwood flooring adds value and elegance to your home despite its high cost. They are also low-maintenance, long-lasting, and perfect for allergic individuals.

8. Add usable square footage

Take a few steps back and take a look around. Could you break down some barriers to make the space feel spacious? Is there any place in your home where having a second bathroom would make life a thousand times easier? Just keep in mind that home renovations usually cost more than the home’s market value. Let us imagine you want to add a mid-range bathroom to your home with a beautiful sink, shower, and toilet.

9. Add a tech theme

If you are a techie, consider creating a tech theme in your home. Americans are becoming increasingly interested in purchasing houses that include gizmos and gadgets. In fact, homebuyers would prefer to have smart home products preinstalled if they were to purchase a home these days.

10. Create a good lighting scheme

It is typically a good idea to use natural light in your home. When exhibiting your home, open all of the drapes and blinds. Fixtures should be added as needed, and all lights should be turned on during showings. This makes your property appear brighter and more inviting, and it eliminates the need for buyers to search for light switches.


Improving your home value entails an array of aspects to be considered. You will always need to revamp your house to give it a new look and shape. When you rejuvenate your home, it will magically attract many potential buyers, which means a high value for your home. Contact us at any time for tips on improving your Palm Desert home.