What Palm Desert Buyers Are Really Looking For

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Selling a house in Palm Desert? You probably have somewhat of an idea what buyers want, I mean, you bought the house for a reason, right? But maybe it’s been a while; maybe you forgot what buyers are really looking for, or maybe it’s just been too long and you haven’t got a clue. So where do you start?

Well, there are two types of buyers in Palm Desert; those that are relocating from the area and those relocating from the completely different places in the world. You have to stage and prepare the house differently for each, but how, when you want to potentially appeal to both types of buyers?

So let’s talk about today’s buyers in general.

Trends come and go and what buyers want in a home changes from year to year. There are certain features that appeal to buyers in general. The features that appeal to buyers now days include:

Laundry Room
Exterior Lighting
Energy Efficient Appliances and Windows
Outdoor Space (Patio, Balcony or Terrace)
Garage (Although not as important in Palm Desert)
Spacious Kitchen (Possibly with Eat-In Option)

But again, things change. Does this mean you should go out and spend thousands on putting in new windows or upgrade appliances? Well, MAYBE…. if it means getting more offers and a higher price for your home.

Each home is different and while we can’t mention everything a home may need, your real estate broker certainly can. There are things that certain buyers are looking for in different cities around our area. For instance; those in Indio may be looking for a nice back yard, fruit trees, and a single story home for families. Those in Palm Springs may be looking for a condo with a spacious balcony and a stunning view.  Those looking to buy in Palm Desert or La Quinta may want a more secluded home with more land or even views of the surroundings.

Where the house is located is a big indicator of how to stage and attract buyers.

Those buying from elsewhere in the county are probably doing so simply because it’s “Palm Desert"! They are looking for as much warmth and relaxation as possible so a home with tropical plants, fruit trees, gardens and a place to really enjoy the outdoors is a popular choice. For homes that fit this design, it’s important to showcase this by providing a great outdoor living space and staging the outdoors just as much as the inside.

Those relocating from across town (or across the state)
Those that move within the state or from one house to another are a completely different breed. You never know what their interests are going to be so staging for the masses is really the best option. Keep the house as clean and neat as possible and have a good blend of island decor mixed with practical living materials.

The biggest advice I can offer is talk to your agent. Our agents know the areas and the buyers and can easily help you identify your target buyer and stage and prepare the home specifically for that type of buyer.

Call us today to learn more.

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