Tour De Palm Springs 2020

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This year's Tour De Palm Springs is this weekend Friday, February 7 and 8 in downtown Palm Desert California. This 22nd annual tour has currently raised over $4 million for the Coachella Valley charities since 1999.

Originally started by Tim Esser in 1998, this event was designed to a local cyclist to ride 5, 15, 25, and 50 miles. Over 400 Cyclists Rd. in the first event originally called the Spokes for Different Of folks. This was a launchpad for Tim to complete his own personal journey to right across America. It took them 30 days to cross country from Palm Springs to Jacksonville Florida.

The first event raised $20,000 for nonprofit organizations called CVSPIN, which stands for Coachella Valley serving people in need. The first tour was held in 1999 featuring a 100-mile ride. In 2001, the Coachella Valley desert business Association recognize the tour is one of the best events in the Valley. This spurned competition, which included the Bob Hope PGA tournament, the Dinah shore LPGA tournament, the Skins Game, and the Tennis Masters Series.

Today, the Tour De Palm Springs influences and attracts more and more writers generating nearly $4 million since its inception. Over 80 charities benefit by this unique event supporting the various needs of people in the Coachella Valley.

Registration is currently closed but routes and SAG stops are listed on the website. However, last-minute changes made be issued for the safety of the riders. There's a 1-mile walk, a 3-mile walk, 10-mile, 28-mile, 51-mile, and 102-mile map with stop locations along the way.

Buffet food service trucks are now serving lunch at SAGs with a beer and wine garden located in the vendor food court. There will be over 20 bands, vendors, and events at the start and finish lines., Speaking of the finish line, cyclists are greeted by nearly 100 cheerleaders including 50 member marching bands and sent off on the start line with the 200 member marching band. There will be over 30 vehicles supporting cyclists along the way with 1500 volunteers and thousands of attendees.

This truly is a unique event. For more information browse the website and will see out there this weekend.