The Best Features That Sell a Home the Fastest

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Nobody wants to sit on the market longer than they have to so sellers are looking at doing everything possible to get the highest price for their home. Turns out, there are a lot of features that buyers are really like and they've helped sell homes a lot faster and for top price. Here are 10 features that really help sell a home fast and for top price.

#1. Outdoor kitchen.

This is really easy to do in Miami since a lot of homes already are set out for an outdoor living space. The outdoor kitchen is more than simply a barbecue; it's usually a barbecue space, outdoor refrigerator, sink, counter space and then of course the dining area. These homes tend to sell 19 days faster than homes without outdoor kitchens and 3.7% of homes sell for about their expected value.

#2. Tankless water heater.

This easy to install, convenient and more efficient water heater is one of the more popular features that many buyers are looking for today. 4% of homes sell about their expected values and they sell 43 days sooner than homes without them.

#3. A great backsplash.

A unique backsplash is all the rage now and whether it's white subway tiles or miniature tiles in a variety of colors, this backsplash in your kitchen and bathrooms can really pop. Homes sell 46 days sooner on average with a 4.1% higher value.

#4. Granite or quartz counters.

Yes, we are out of the granite and stainless steel air up at homes that have older countertops are just not selling as fast. 4.1% of homes sell about their expected value 38 days sooner than homes that do not have granite or high-end quartz counters. This alone might be worth installing it before you sell.

#5. Heated floors.

This type of benefit is really heating up, no pun intended in places like Seattle and Portland but it's still a unique feature that makes 4.3 homes sell about their expected value that have heated in-line floors.

#6. Frameless shower.

A frameless shower enclosure is made up of 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch tempered and polished safety glass. It has a greater strength and does not require heavy metal framing around it. Apparently this is all the rage because 4.6% of homes sell about expected value 38 days sooner than homes without it.

#7. Pendant lighting.

Gorgeous pendant lighting hanging down on islands, on buffets or even dining room tables are creating quite a buzz. These unique pendant lighting can really pinpoint the light where you need it most. 4.6% of homes sell about expected values 48 days faster than homes without it.

#8. Farmhouse sink.

Farmhouse sinks are all the rage and many homes can sell quicker simply by having this style of sink in the kitchen or even in the bathroom. It creates a unique look and something that's not common in a lot of homes. It really stands out and makes 7.9% of homes sell about expected value 58 days faster.

#9. Shaker cabinetry.

This is one of the most popular style of kitchen That which is characterized by a five piece door with a recessed center panel. Some cabinet lines differ in the drawer or from different cabinet doors but this style makes 9.6 homes sell above expected values and  45 days sooner.

#10. Barn door.

A barn door installed in a bathroom or even through a bedroom is becoming quite popular. These barn doors swing back and forth and slide on tracks making it easy to save extra room from a door not swinging in or out of the room. However, you do need the space above the door for the door to completely roll over to one side. It's pretty much the modern pocket door. However, homes sell 13.4% above expected value, 57 days faster.

Now while this list is not true for every home throughout the Palm Desert Real Estate area, simply installing or renovating your home to include a few of these items could really help sell it faster and for more money. Palm Springs is a hot real estate market now and to get the very most from the sale of your home, it's best to appeal to a wide range of homebuyers. For details on how to stage your particular Palm Desert home for sale contact my office today.

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