Our Living Desert Tops List of Best Zoos in US

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Think those reviews don't help? Well, because of Yelp reviews, our own Living Desert has top the list as the best zoo in America.

The country ranked the top 20 zoos by 24/7 Wall Street.com. and with more than 840 reviews, Our Living Desert topped the list. 

The list surveyed Yelp.com for zoos in the US, which covered over 1000 cities by population and only included locations with more than 50 reviews. This list is based on visitor experience, so you can definitely trust the people simply love our Living Desert. Some of the other reviews out there are only popularity contests, but Yelp really listens to individuals monitoring where they come from, who they are, and their status on Yelp. The Living Desert boasts a 4.5 star score with over 840 reviews.

Next up is McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary in West Palm Beach Florida and Henry Gourley Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha Nebraska.

Living Desert is honored by this recognition and it speaks to the dedication and passion of their volunteers and staff. Their mission is to educate visitors about the deserts of the world, not just Home Desert. Other California zoos include the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista and Orange County Zoo. Most of the reviews are written by visitors from outside our area and you want them to include both local and national visitors. During the summer months, the zoo gets a steady stream of visitors and summer visitation is actually up 20% in 2019.

This fall, Living Desert will open a new butterfly exhibits and in the spring, and Australia seemed exhibit including all "Wallaby Walkabout" where visitors can actually interact with Australian animals, sans crocodiles or the box jellyfish.

Our zoo is changing every day and we are literally a living population of animals, wildlife, nature, flora, and fauna. The city of Palm Desert allocates over $1 million to the Living Desert to be paid over the next five years, so you know there's always something exciting going on here.