Make Your Luxury Listing Stand Out

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How to market your luxury home listing in Palm Desert

First, define luxury; The state of great comfort and extravagant living. That could mean a lot of different homes and it doesn't necessarily have to mean an expensive home. But, more often than not, luxury means are higher-priced homes that not every homeowner can afford. Relative when it comes to the price, however, as luxury pricing in one area might not reflect the same type of home in another area. Regardless, when it comes time to sell your luxury property, regardless of the price, there are ways to make it stand out.

Throughout the Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta area, luxury is typically priced over $500,000. There are extravagant luxury homes over $1 million and even over $2 million, but for the sake of this blog post, we're going to stay around the $500,000-$1 million price point.

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When it comes to pricing your home, this can be a crucial point. There may or may not be a lot of comparable properties in the area. Getting the price correct is probably one of the more important things a homeowner can do. With the help of an agent that understands the luxury market and also helps buyers find and purchase homes, you can be assured that you have priced the home correctly for the market, and are competitive. Most buyers don't want to overspend on a purchase if they don't have to, regardless of whether or not they are buying luxury. Just because they have the money, doesn't mean they want to overpay. It's important to get the price correct from the beginning. This is not the time to overprice a home in hopes of bringing it down if it doesn't sell. This is one of the biggest dangers to pricing any type of home. It's crucial to price it correctly from the beginning to get the right buyer in the door.

Selling a luxury home is more than simply listing it on the local multiple listing service. A luxury listing agent should have a dedicated presentation, virtual tour and professional photos taken of the property. Luxury real estate agents may also have a plethora of buyers ready to go. This is important because the property needs to be marketed to the correct buyer. Buyers looking in the $500,000 range are not going to be the same buyers looking in the $200,000 range.

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It really is a joint venture when marketing your luxury home to potential buyers. You always want to go with an agent that is proficient in not only listing but selling luxury homes as well. Because we work throughout the Palm Desert and Palm Springs area, we have sold numerous homes to luxury homebuyers as well as marketed and sold properties upwards of $2 million and more. If you want the ultimate representation when selling, give us a call. We can offer a professional listing presentation on how we market and sell your luxury home.