Is Your New Home Pet Friendly?

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If you’re currently in the market to buy a new home, oftentimes there are specific features that you may be looking for to fit your wants and needs. If you are bringing a pet along with you, there are a few features that you might want to look for as they will not only be enjoyable for your pet, but for you as well. There are three key things that can contribute to the enjoyment of your new home for both yourself as well as your pet, the flooring, the yard, and the neighborhood.

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It is always important to look at the type of flooring that is in each home as you tour them, especially because replacing floors is no easy or cheap task. Pending on the type of pet you are bringing with you will help determine what flooring would be best. For example, carpet may be best for an older pet who doesn’t chase balls, whereas a young cat may scratch at the carpet causing tears and holes. Hardwood may be good for a cat or small dog who have regular nail trimmings, whereas a large dogs’ claws may dent and scratch the wood easily.

Take a look at both the front and back yard when touring homes, as this is where your pet may end up spending a lot of their time. It is vital to look for an area of the backyard that provides shade for your pet. During the summer months they will need an outdoor space to cool off and escape the desert heat. In addition, you should look for fencing to help keep your pet contained as well as areas that may cause escape points, etc.

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Lastly, even a good home can be ruined by a bad neighborhood and this rings true when it comes to your pet as well. Try taking your pet for a walk around the block or map out what would become a routine daily walk. By walking around with your pet, you are able to see if there are other pets in the area, howling dogs, aggressive dogs, neighborhood stray cats that may come around, etc. By exploring with your pet, you are not only getting a feel of the neighborhood for yourself, but you may find it helpful for your personal enjoyment. Nobody wants to live next door to a howling dog or a dog that barks at every bird that flies by.

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