Interior Design For A Desert House 2023

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Interior design can be one of the most fun parts of owning a primary residence or vacation home. The newer trends for interior design can depend a lot on the location of your home. The desert house design trend now is called the “desert modern” look. This trend is more of a boho, minimal style. So, if you are looking to incorporate this in your desert home, you might want to use some tips we have mentioned below.

Interior Design For A Desert House


A neutral and earthy color palette is exactly what will give you a true modern desert design. Clay and sand color tones are the biggest components of styling your desert house. If you start with these colors as your base, you will have a great canvas to continue upon.


Textiles are increasingly popular and a huge element. The use of layered rugs and vintage Moroccan print finds can create great depth in any room. Any way you can incorporate natural fibers and use wall hangings or leather accents, you will bring the modern desert look into the above color palette. You want a simple, minimal, and eclectic vibe. You want to create a contrast between rough and smooth in your design elements. The items you use to create texture should be unique. Manufactured items will not give you the uniquely crafted elements you are looking for. You can accomplish the unique textile additions by adding simple outdoor elements like driftwood or sandstone.

70’s Inspired

The 70’s style has certainly influenced modern desert design. Much of the Southwest and California style for desert homes was cultivated in the 70s. The 70’s influence comes into play when the design uses shag carpet or macrame.


When it comes to bathroom design, the style influence has been big. Make your bathroom feel like a spa amid a waterless desert. Your bathroom should feel like a retreat and oasis. Use luscious and fun materials.

The Southwest

You want to draw your influence from various sources, but the southwest should be one of the biggest influencers among your creative mix of designing your desert home.


Your desert home will likely have gorgeous windows and a great sunny atmosphere so while you select your textiles, consider blackout curtains. You want to keep them light and airy but also accommodate for closing out the sunlight when necessary.

In Conclusion

Planning your home design is always a fun and extensive process. Depending on your style and the location of your home, there is a lot to consider. If your desert home is your primary residence or a vacation home, you will want to consider the important design elements above. Using a desert home as a vacation rental can be a great passive income, but you want to stand out among the others and your design will be a vital part of this.

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