How To Make Your Palm Desert Vacation Rental Stand

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Location is everything when it comes to property value and potential rental investment. If you own a vacation rental in Palm Desert you are already off to a great start. However, just because your location is a desirable vacation hot spot, doesn't mean it will fair well against other available vacation rentals in the same location. So, how do you make your vacation rental stand out? Let's take a look.

How To Make Your Palm Desert Vacation Rental Stand Out

Know Your Market

The first thing you need to do is know who your market is. What type of rental do you own and who will you appeal to? You want to appeal to a specific crowd because vacationers are usually looking for a specific design or atmosphere. If your rental is too generic then you might find you are acquiring less traffic to your rental. Make it a point to design based on the location. Your home should boast of all things palm desert and be outfitted with all of the expected amenities.

Go Above And Beyond

When you know what and who your market is, then it's time to go above and beyond for your guests. What is your target audience expecting to see in the home and how can you elevate this to stand out to them? This can be done by stocking the home with things for your target audience as well as contacting guests before their stay to see what would make their traveling and vacation easier. This is where you can find a way to stand out and use your property the standout. Do you offer board games? Is there a pool table or a pool? Does the home have access to a gold course or hiking trails? Take all of this into consideration as you accommodate your guests.

What Makes Your Home Unique

This goes along with accommodating your guests above. If you know what makes your home unique and advertise that, then you want to accommodate those things. For example, if your rental has a pool then keep the towels well stocked with extra and consider pool toys as additional accommodation. This can help you stand out. Know what makes your home unique, highlight that, market it, and then add additional accommodations to attract more guests.


Marketing your vacation rental might be harder than it looks. Most owners use a property manager who will take care f the online posts and bookings. This is also where you lose your nightly rates and rely on your marketing and the additional steps you took into consideration above. The more your rental stands out the more bookings you will get and in turn receive great reviews. Those reviews eventually lead to more bookings and a successful vacation rental investment.

In Conclusion

Your vacation rental can stand out in the crowd by knowing your market, going above and beyond, showing what makes it unique, and marketing well.

If you are interested in purchasing a primary residence or vacation rental in Palm Desert, contact us. We are here to lend our expertise to all of your real estate endeavors.

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