How to Buy a House with No Regrets

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In many areas, the real estate market is so hot that purchasing a home can get competitive. It is not uncommon to hear someone tell a story about the home that got away. The real estate we loved, but just wasn’t quite sure it was the one until it was no longer available can haunt us or get added to a list of life’s regrets.


Moving on to the next home, you could find yourself comparing it to the one that got away and leaves you doubtful you will find something better. Below are five no regrets home buying tips to help you avoid this situation.


1.    View Homes When You Can Buy: It is not uncommon for people to search homes online or visit an open house dreaming of the future or to just get a feel for the market thinking about a future move. It is also not uncommon for those same people to see a dream home in their price range, but they are not in a position to buy it. Wait to look for that perfect home until you are ready and can put down on offer should you find a place you fall in love with.

2.    Purchase Before the Market Turns: Talk to your real estate agent about what they see your local housing market doing. If there is a dip and prices come down slightly don’t wait. Those who wait to see if the market will turn back around may end up unable to afford a home they could of when prices were lower.

3.    If Available, Purchase Adjacent Properties: To add more privacy to your home or maybe expand a condo unit consider purchasing plots or homes adjacent to yours. Want a condo with less noise and more room? Look into buying the unit above or beside you, before you do this make sure it is not against any HOA rules. Also, bring in a contractor to see if your dreams are feasible. If you own a home and want to protect your views or limit future building around your home purchasing available lots or homes next to yours is a smart way to go. Stay where you are if you love your current home and make it even better.

4.    Have a Dream Property You Admire? Investigate it.: We have all at one time or another had a dream property that we drive by once in awhile and think “Oh that property is so cool! Wouldn’t it be amazing to live there? I just love that place!” If you truly want that property doesn’t just leave it to dreaming, investigate the possibility of actually owning it. If the property comes on the market put an offer in, or have an agent working for you that can watch to see when it comes on the market. If you love the property enough you might even consider having an agent contact the owner to inquire about the possibility of selling. Read More on Buying to Flip a House

The best strategy to ensure you get a property you want and love is to put in an offer. Getting in an offer gets you that much closer to owning your perfect home.

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