Hard Wood Flooring In A Desert Home

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If you live in the desert or are considering purchasing a desert home, your flooring is extremely important. Desert homes are amazing and full of life, however, that life can enter your home and penetrate your flooring. It is so important to do your research if you are remodeling your floor or looking to buy a desert home. Desert climates are low in humidity and that lack of moisture can cause a lot of problems. Some of the problems are gaps, warping, and even cracking.

Hard Wood Flooring In A Desert Home

Wood flooring is typically designed for a climate that has a 35%-55% humidity range. Although a hardwood floor will give your home a high-end and polished look, a dry climate can create havoc on your floors.  So, if you currently have hardwood floors take time to maintain them and repair any issues that may arise due to the lack of moisture. Look for gas in between the banks and where the plank meets the baseboard. Wood can shrink, but there comes a point where it will shrink too much and you will see gaps or even cracks. So, how can you avoid these issues or what should you look for if you are buying hardwood for your home? Let's dive in.

Locally Grown Wood

Locally grown wood is going to be the best choice for hardwood floors in your home. This wood is likely to withstand low humidity better and will make for a long-lasting floor. Even if you find there is a wood grain you love, you have to consider the climate it is sourced from.

Stains Sheen

The sheen used on. your wood will attract more dust and require more cleaning as well as make any imperfections more visual to you and your guests. If this will bother you then pay attention to the sheen you select for your flooring.


Termites are always a homeowner's worst nightmare and can affect your flooring. A hardwood install should include filling in any gaps in the foundation so that you can protect against termites. it is always a good idea to have an exterminator treat the perimeter of your home.


When you have the flooring installed, it is uncommon to be offered a warranty, but there are some companies out there. Take a warranty into account because your wood floor will require maintenance with the proper product that is made for the desert climate. You want to make sure you use the right company to install your flooring. Read reviews and ask others around you. Personal recommendations are always the best recommendations out there.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of important things to consider when you are buying a home and the climate is just one of them. You may have not known how much he climate affects your flooring so take this into account as you search for your new desert home.

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