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A typical real estate closings usually happen within 30 to 60 days. Other times, short sales and foreclosures can take quite a bit longer but then there are other times where a fast closing is extremely important. We've sold homes that have closed on a holiday or before the end of the year just to get those tax breaks. What does it take? Tough negotiating skills, excellent time management, and communication with both buyer, seller, and the other agent involved.

There are so many different parties involved in a real estate transaction the keeping everyone on task, completing things in a timely manner, and expert communication is crucial to low stress, highly successful closing.

 "My husband and I had a great experience buying a home with Tina Droessler Saporito. She was very patient, kind, thorough and efficient during our entire experience. She did everything in less than 45 days! We are forever grateful to her and her team at Ronald Christopher Associates!"

Whether you are buying, selling, or even renting a home in Palm Desert or surrounding areas like La Quinta, Palm Springs, or Indio, having someone that is extremely knowledgeable about not only the real estate market but individual neighborhoods is key to negotiating for the right price, communicating with all parties involved, and getting you the home you want or the sale you want.

If you are buying, please have your own representation. I can't tell you how many homebuyers I've spoken to that go through the listing agent when purchasing a property. Remember, the listing agent is working for the seller or homeowner, not the buyer. Sure, they can facilitate the transaction, but their interests are not your interests. You're trying to get the best deal possible and the listing agent is trying to get the most money from the sale. Clearly, they are not working in your favor.

If you are looking to buy a home anywhere around the Palm Desert real estate market please have your own representation. Give me a call today because it's absolutely free to have your own agent when purchasing property or even renting a property. Your agent has your interests at heart and focuses on your goals, terms, and price, not the homeowner.

If you are selling, I work solely with you to get you the best deal possible. Working with both buyers and sellers in the same transactions is a slippery slope and very tricky to maneuver, which is why I prefer to work only with the buyer or a seller at one time on any one particular property.

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