Delivery and Take Out Options in Palm Desert

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Now is the time to stay in but we can still support our local eateries and restaurants with either curbside take out or delivery. Here's what's available for both in Palm Desert:


Palm Desert

Safety Measures for Take-Out

When you get your food take it to the sink. Open all containers and put food on your own plates using your own utensils. Throw away any and all packaging, wash your hands well and enjoy your food! The CDC assures us that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can transfer via cooked food and there is little to no evidence that any virus has been passed via food containers but this is the safest way to enjoy your take out. 

Let's all stay safe out there and support when and where we can! We'll get through this together. And remember, REAL ESTATE is still going on! So if you need to buy or sell a house right now, call us! We have precautions in place to help you and your family stay safe!