Cleaning The Interior Of Your Desert House

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Owning a home in the desert is great. It is full of warm and sunny weather in a dry climate. Although this is desired by so many, it can mean that you have a dusty landscape which can lead to a dusty home interior. This is why it is so important to keep up with your home cleaning and maintenance routine.

Cleaning The Interior Of Your Desert House

Clean Your Home Regularly

The dusty desert climate can affect your home if you don't keep up with it. You need to clean your desert house regularly. Most homeowners don't clean their homes as often as they should and a desert house needs it that much more. you need to aim to vacuum at least once a week with carpet and twice a week with hard floors. You may need to focus on specific areas, even more, depending on how many people or pets live in your home. Bathrooms must be continuously wiped down and cleaned so grime and residue don't build up.


Having a lot of items all around your house that collect dust can be a breeding ground for more dirt and grime. If you can keep your home clutter free and on the minimal side, you will have an easier time with all the dusting.

Consider Hardwood Floors

Carpet will trap in dust and dirt and this can create a long-term problem for your home. Hardwood or tile floors will be much easier to keep clean long term. If you are looking to put carpeting anywhere in your desert home, choose a very low pile.

Set Out Doormats

Living in the desert has its beauty, but you don't want to bring those elements inside with you. Every time someone goes in or out of your house, they will track in dirt or dust. One of the best things you can do to lessen this problem is to have doormats outside of each entrance to your home. Ask your family and friends to take their time entering and to wipe off the bottom of their shoes as well as remove them when they come in.

Keep Your Windows Closed

You may enjoy the fresh air and want to keep airflow through your house by keeping the window open, but this will bring in so much dust from the outside and create bad air quality in your home. If you live in the desert, keep your windows closed and use your air conditioning or fans to cool your home for comfort.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning Systetheththe

You want to maintain your air conditioning unit. the Your air filter should be changed out regularly and you also want to have your ducts cleaned out too. the Your system needs ongoing maintenance so you don't find yourself with a broken system in the hottest part of the year. This will help keep your home cool and your air quality is top-notch.

In Conclusion

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