Can't Visit a House? How About a Virtual Tour?

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With the spread of coronavirus happening faster and faster we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves and others. Regardless of whether or not one person is more susceptible than another, the fact that we can carry this from person to person without even knowing it is the scary part.

But, people still need to buy and sell real estate. People need to move, sellers need to sell, and buyers need to get into a home of their own. So how is the real estate industry working around this issue?

One such way is by mortgage rates being lower than they've ever been historically. This is perfect for refinance options and those that need to purchase a home. Refinancing not only gives work to the mortgage industry but it can help you postpone at least one payment or two. It may even be able to give you money back out of the equity of your home and put a little bit of money in the bank as a cushion just in case you might be out of a job or postponed yourself.

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But, for those that do need to look at homes, it can be scary to consider going out in among the crowds… Even though there really are not a lot of crowds out there right now, and viewing homes. One of the good things about viewing property is that it's really just your agent and you. If the home is not vacant, most sellers and homeowners will leave the property for a couple of hours to allow you space and time to view the property at your own convenience.

But another way to do this would be through virtual tours. If you are uncomfortable about viewing home in person there are a lot of ways to see the home without actually "seeing the home" in person just yet.

Google Street View is a great way to take a look at an address, see the surrounding area, take a drive down the street, look at neighbors homes, and get a good sense of the area.

Many listings actually will offer virtual tours in the form of a video, YouTube video, or just a slideshow.

As your agent, we can offer a free virtual tour of any home you might be interested in. Give us a call with an address and we will do our best to supply you with a virtual tour either from ourselves or from the listing agent of the property. We want to do everything possible to keep everyone in the business and that includes everyone involved in a real estate transaction.

So many things are done online now that we can do a lot of E-signatures and online signing without ever leaving the comfort of our home.

Would you ever buy a home that you've never seen? Well, believe it or not, military personnel do it all the time so it's really not that uncommon. We can leave enough space between the closing and when you move in to allow for any germs and viruses to leave the premises or have it professionally cleaned.

There are ways to get around this and as long as we all keep our heads, don't panic, be smart about handwashing and cleanliness, we can still move on with our lives, especially if right now what you need to do most is either sell a house or buy a house. Call us today to find out more.


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