Best Landscaping Materials For A Desert Home

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Landscaping your desert home is going to be a lot different than if you were to live in a more luscious and green environment. The desert climate will allow you to jump into a more creative and outside-the-box design. If you are wondering what materials might be best for your desert home, take a look at some of these commonly used landscaping materials. Some of these may even come as a surprise to you.

Best Landscaping Materials For A Desert Home


You will likely already have sand on your property, so it is easy to incorporate. This material will blend in with the surrounding landscape. It is fairly inexpensive and will require little maintenance while accommodating a variety of plants around it.

Rocks & Boulders

Using rocks and boulders in your landscape has become a popular trend in dry climates. It adds depth to the already existing landscape around. Rocks and boulders are a common landscaping choice among desert dwellers, too. These materials already litter the landscape, so adding some to your property can easily make your yard look more natural. Place a few around your yard to match the surrounding environment or group them together to mark property boundaries, define a patio, or even create private areas like a value-adding fire pit or a backyard garden.


Finding a way to add color to your guard will and beauty and complement the earthy tones. You can use flora such as Bird of Paradise – which comes in yellow, orange, and fiery red. This plant stays in bloom for most of the year too. Dalea flowers do well in a desert climate and provide bright pink blossoms in the winter and early spring. There are also flowering trees that thrive in a high-temperature dry climate.


If you can find a way to implement a water feature into your desert landscape it can be absolutely beautiful and good for your landscape. Consider a feature that recycles water and is low, maintenance to you, and can lift the space using a natural sound element.

Concrete or Travertine

Using materials like concrete or travertine will keep areas of your landscape cooler because these materials because they have a high thermal mass that will absorb the coolness of the earth below. Therefore, you might consider using concrete or travertine pavers to build a firepit, too. Enjoy evenings outdoors, even during the chillier seasons with a simple design that’s both non-flammable and aesthetically pleasing.

Soft Greenery

You can add texture to your desert landscape with soft greenery. Plants like Calliandra and leucophyllum will do well in a hot climate. These plants love to be in full sun with good drainage. They just need to be pruned so they can maintain their shape. On the exterior, you could consider using barrel cactus or prickly pair.

In Conclusion

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