8 Unique Ways to Market Your Home

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The market is fluctuating in a lot of places around the United States and some are doing better than others. If your home is been on the market for some time it may be time to get creative. There are a lot of different ways to market your home and some are pretty on Orthodox but if you're stuck, try these eight unique ways to market your home.

#1. Consider skipping the MLS.

I know that's like the worst violation ever but hear me out: keeping your home off of the MLS for a few weeks gives your agent the chance to entice buyers with an early peak of the property. You can test the price first before putting it on the market for everyone else

#2. Make a killer video.

Virtual tours are becoming a must for many homes on the market but it requires more than just a compilation of photos strung together. Consider hiring a real estate photographer that also does drone videos. Add music to it, and feature the best rooms and the views from the condo or the property.

#3. Consider and above and beyond the open house.

Open houses definitely have their place but have come and gone over the years. Incorporating a theme to fit the home could attract more people that have been on the fence in the past. A brokers open on a luxury home could easily become a $15,000 event but if you're selling for $3 million, that's chump change.

#4. Use a weekend to pack showing appointments.

An open house is a good way to kick off a properties first few days on the market but by setting up appointments ahead of time and then filling all of those appointments with scheduled showings, buyers can see one another coming and going which gives them a sense of urgency.

#5. invite the neighbors.

Sure, you're going to have neighbors and looky loos checking out the property during an open house but you can also host a neighborhood event. Sometimes people see a home and like it better than the one there and even though they're not even trying to sell their home. Many deals come from neighbors who decide to put in an offer or pass the word on to their friends or relatives.

#6. Next the level staging.

Staging has definitely brought in more offers and higher prices but take your staging to the next level and you might even get a higher price. Bringing in designers and high-end furniture dealers who rent pieces could be a great way to stage a luxury home. Changing the perception of a property can definitely renew the life of an older listing.

#7. Maximize your motivation.

It's tough to show your motivation because then buyers think they have an upper hand in negotiations but motivation can be used to the seller's advantage by pairing it with a higher price at the top of the homes value range. Telling buyers that the seller is motivated could get them to put in an offer, especially if the property could easily fetch a higher price with more time.

#8. Find a buyer that doesn't know they're looking.

The right buyer may not even be looking for homes yet but that doesn't mean you can't go after them. Consider reaching out to firms that are being relocated to the Palm Springs area or wherever your home is instead of waiting for them to reach out for new properties.

Every home is unique and I market it in a specific way to appeal to the right demographic and the right buyer. Contact us today for the best service and marketing strategies for selling your Palm Springs or Palm Desert area home.

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