7 Great Desert Landscape Ideas

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If you are new to or planning a move to the desert, there is a big difference in landscape than most other states. Here are some desert landscaping tips to make you look like a pro.

Preplan your landscape

If you are building a new home or moving into a place without established landscaping, preplanning will save you time, frustration and energy. Do some research to see what plants you like, what their water requirements are and how big they will grow. Figure out what type of ground cover you prefer and makes sense in your space.

Determine elevation changes

If you are on a hill, you may want to level out your space by adding soil prior to planting and laying ground cover. If you have a natural waterway during hard rains, you can create a drainage space to ensure your hard work isn't ruined by the first major rainstorm of the season.

Create drainage

You can add a channel drain in your driveway by creating a narrow trench in the concrete or asphalt to direct water away from landscape. French drains are another popular option for collecting run off and diverting the water to drains.

Build a dry creek bed

To create a dry creek bed, dig a trench, lay landscape fabric as a base, then cover with different sizes of rocks with your own decorative design. Enjoy your own creek when the rainstorms move in. Ideally, the dry creek bed routes water to a catch basin or other collection point where water can pool without moving the water to neighboring homes or properties.

If there is already a known pathway for water drainage, building on and enhancing this path may be more productive than creating a new drainage pathway.

Add rock and drought-resistant plants

Using rock for ground cover is preferred to withstand heavy rains and wind. Planting heat and drought-resistant plants will save you time and energy from having to water often or worry about the heat. Ideas for planting include large cacti and yucca plants such as Agave, Yucca Rostrata or Adam's Needle.

Artificial turf

To add a bright spot and make your space pop, consider adding an area with artificial turf. Plant some desert plants such as wildflowers, Palm Trees or Ficus to make your space a welcoming oasis in the desert.

Succulent arrangements

Succulents are the perfect plant for the arid desert because their leaves retain water so they can stand up to dry conditions. Adding succulents to planters and walkways add visual appeal and come in vibrant colors.

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