5 Tips for Moving to a New City or State

Real Estate

Moving out of your comfort zone can be a little nerve-racking and stressful but with some research and preparation you can make that move or relocation as easy as possible. Here are five tips for moving to a new city or state.

#1. Research local neighborhoods.

Location is probably one of the most important factors that drives sale price and popularity of a property. It's important to understand the local neighborhoods so you know where to buy and where to hang out. Most cities have dozens if not hundreds of different neighborhoods and subdivisions so when researching neighborhoods ask about public transportation, commute routes to your new job, local crime statistics and watchdog information, future improvements to the neighborhood, and how taxes compared other neighborhoods. By driving around the neighborhoods beforehand if you can, you can also see if homeowners boast pride of ownership. This could have something to do with homeowners associations or just the mentality in that neighborhood.

#2. Research the local education.

If you have children, the education system will be of utmost importance and for resell value, choosing a home in a desirable school zone or district is also a key component.

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#3. Research things to do.

In today's Internet-based world there are a lot of Facebook pages specifically designed with things to do in a particular area. You might search "365 things to do in said county, city, or state." This is a great way to find out what you should visit first, what you should explore, and what others are saying about the area.

#4. Research the local economy.

You are probably moving to this new location because of a job but if not, it's important to understand the local economy and job market. Ask about new businesses in the area, ask about businesses closing their doors, and if businesses are thriving. This will give you a good insight to the local economy.

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#5. Research local community groups.

One of the best ways to get involved in a community is either join a local church or community center. There might be boys and girls clubs in the area, a YMCA or community center with lots of activities and events, or simply check with the local Chamber of Commerce for festivals and monthly activities. You can meet local people that have the same interests as you and get a good sense of the community.

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