5 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

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A pre-listing inspection is a home inspection the seller has done before listing the house for sale. For the seller, getting this information about their home can be helpful when they begin the selling process, as it allows them more time and control over repairs and prices their home more accurately before it is put on the market. When conducting the pre-listing inspection, the home inspector approaches it as if it were for a prospective homebuyer, assessing the home's condition. A pre-listing inspection will cover all the major systems and components, including the following:

  • Heating and Cooling
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Structure
  • Roof
  • Interior and Exterior

The inspector will put together all of their findings for you in an inspection report, highlighting issues that they have come across, and offering recommendations for repairs or replacements that are needed. Though not entirely necessary for the seller, it can help them avoid hiccups during a transaction and make the process smoother as they sell their home.

1. Understand the Condition of Your Home

Getting a home inspection from a professional home inspector is a surefire way to understand the condition of your home. For sellers opting for a pre-listing inspection, provides you with good information to consider when getting ready to put the house on the market. If the inspector comes across major defects, it is better to know about them sooner rather than in the middle of an important transaction. Having all the information about the house upfront can be key to preparing your listing and avoiding surprises down the line to make the selling process go smoothly.

2. Price Your Home Accurately

Choosing the right price to list your home can be tricky for any home heading to the market. Scaring away potential buyers by pricing too high is never a good idea, though you don't want to leave money on the table by pricing it too low, either. Working with your real estate agent and using your pre-listing inspection report can help get you as close to the sweet spot when finally determining your price. You can always opt to reference the inspection report to justify the cost as well.

3. Better Marketing

Apart from listing the issue for the home, you can use the pre-listing inspection report to draw attention to the positive features uncovered during the inspection. You can always use the inspection report to promote the listing. Sharing the findings of the pre-listing inspection is a wonderful way to build trust with prospective buyers.

4. Attract Buyers

For many listings out there, prospective buyers might be skeptical about the home's condition and be cautious about getting stuck with a potential money pit. In sharing the findings of the pre-listing inspection, sellers can attract serious buyers who understand the condition of the home and its associated issues with its ownership. The information offered to a buyer can cast away doubts about the house, and interest in the home is a sign they want the process to move forward.

5. Less Negotiations

When it comes time for a buyer to have their home inspected, a seller can avoid many common negotiations that often follow since many negotiations are over fixing repairs or issues found by the inspector. With your pre-listing inspection, you might already account for the condition of your home and work with your real estate agent to handle the disclosures. Having information upfront for both the buyer and seller will help both parties stay on the same page as the transaction continues.

The Bottom Line

Should the buyer's inspection uncover any new issues, the seller will have an inspection report back up to compare and even call in the inspector who did the pre-listing inspection for another consultation on the subject. Let Ronald Christopher & Associates guide you in finding your next forever dream home in the beautiful Palm Desert, CA area today!