5 Home Repairs You Should Leave to the Experts

Home Improvement

We all want to do a little DIY from time to time but there are some projects that unless you are a qualified professional, you had best leave it to the experts. There are safety concerns, permits, and hazards that can pop up when trying to do a lot of these home repairs herself. Here are five home repairs you should leave to the experts.

#1. Electrical repairs.

I'm not talking about changing a lightbulb, because that's probably something you can do fairly easily, but upgrading outdated, old, or incomplete electrical or wiring jobs should be left to the experts. You should never touch wiring inside the electrical panel, ceiling, or walls. A licensed, insured, and bonded electrician is the best option for these types of home repairs.

#2. Major plumbing.

Trust me, any plumbing work should be done by a professional. If you question that, just ask my friend that decided to simply change the faucet in her upstairs bathroom. They came home three hours later to 2 inches of water everywhere downstairs and now have to live in a hotel for six weeks while homeowners insurance cleans it up. It's best to leave these jobs to the experts.

#3. Major renovations.

I'm not talking about adding hardware to your cabinets, but rather large repairs and renovations such as new kitchen cabinets, new countertops, and anything involving restructuring your home such as taking down a wall or creating an addition.

#4. Roof replacements.

If you feel comfortable getting on your roof to replace a tile or two, that's one thing, but replacing your entire roof should be done by a professional. There's a lot of risk and you can seriously hurt yourself. Leave this to the experts.

#5. Natural or propane gas installations.

If you're running new gas lines throughout your house, this should be done by a qualified professional. Perhaps you want to install a new gas dryer, gas stove, or gas hot water heater, leave these two the experts because they are insured, and it's usually cheaper to pay a licensed professional to fix a gas problem didn't to risk the lives of those you love.

We might think that we're saving money but if we get injured or worse things happen, we will have regretted not using a professional. If you need a professional for any of these five home renovations or repairs give us a call. I have a list of reputable and reliable repair professionals in the Palm Desert area.

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